Assisting and supporting the less fortunate and the vulnerable in our society

Community Assisting Schools

Community Assisting Schools (CAS) is a group of concerned individuals from the community who come from many diverse backgrounds. We are united in our desire to make a difference in supporting and strengthening schools, thereby assisting with education in South Africa which is in crisis. We established that there are suburban schools in Johannesburg that are functioning with good administration, have very good pass rates, but who are limping along as a result of lack of funding and no involved parent bodies. We have started with a small network and by offering a few hours a month of our time, talent or finances; we have already made a difference to the schools in our area. 

HA Jack Primary

The company continues to sponsor various programs through CAS (Community Assisting Schools) by assisting with a reading and maths programme, that runs twice a week at HA Jack Primary School in Johannesburg. This program is for grade 2’s and involves 80 volunteers actively working with the children on developing their literacy and maths skills.

In addition, we have sponsored various repairs to HA Jack Primary School, by upgrading the ablutions, classrooms and other amenities which had reached a sad state of affairs. The school has ongoing needs which we will continue to assist with during the course of the year. in addition, we continue to support and sponsor learners at various other institutions. 

We believe as Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon in the world. 

Oviston Primary School

Watprop was the primary sponsor for a brand new classroom at Oviston Primary School, in the Eastern Cape. It is the first brick classroom in the school as the majority of the buildings are made from asbestos. It will educate and empower future generations in Oviston. Watprop also its continued support of Oviston Primary through a variety of intiatives. If you wish to support the work, please visit . 

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