About Watprop

Our History

Watprop Commercial and Industrial Property was started in 1991 by Alan Watkins.

The Watkins family has a long history of being involved in property, dating back to the early 1940’s when Alan’s Grandfather became involved with the initial Master Builders Association. Alan’s father, Peter, ran his own successful property business until he retired in the mid-1980’s.

Alan started Watprop in 1991 having graduated from Wits University as a chartered accountant and completed his National Service at the Johannesburg Receiver of Revenue.

Over the last 28 years Watprop has grown from strength to strength as a result of dedication and service to its clients. The company’s knowledge, experience and standing in the industry are solid and boast a track record of consistent growth and long standing relationships with clients who are offered a broad based specialised service in commercial and industrial property sector.


What We Do

In addition to the traditional broking service of selling and letting property, Watprop has successfully negotiated and arranged full turnkey developments for the motor industry having dealt with all the major brands in South Africa, assisted with major site assemblies and built strategic investment portfolios for their clients.


These additional services are backed up by specialised advice on financial and tax matters and assisted clients in building valuable property portfolios that in turn have over the medium to long term produced solid returns.


The staff at Watprop have been specially selected to compliment the company and each other.  The ongoing success of Watprop’s staff is accredited to their commitment to the company’s goals and vision.